Person of consequence
loving soul of confidence
I want for you

Moments of yearning
open room for learning
I fill for you

Motives of unreason
strike blows of treason
I fight for you

Desirous of attention
with meaningful intention
I love for you

Stars of alignment
reveal an assignment
I believe for you

Echos of indifference
leave holes of significance
I need for you

World of serving
see this one deserving
because I want for you

– Sarai Snyder, Make More day whatever, January 19, 2016

“I just want for you. I want you to have all you deserve.”
Inspired by gratitude for this kind sentiment offered to me. I’m reminded of the power we have for one another and that the most important giving is not of things but of compassion, love, and belief. Thank you friend, your words give me flight.

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