What sprouted in Arkansas, grew in Kentucky, and landed in Colorado is a creative life of wonder. I came by way of a mother and father who possess a deep love of nature, good friends, and wholesome living. Growing from meager beginnings with freedom to explore a rural landscape encouraged an appreciation for simple.

Add a touch of contentiousness, some tenacious tom-boyness, an adventurous spirit, a curious mind, two capable hands, and I have all the elements to start a fire. Situationally, this is a blessing or a curse. I have always been obsessed with fire. But since the days of explosive art school antics (curse), I’ve learned to respect and treasure this gift (blessing).

I believe that being adept at building fire is one of the most important skills one can master. Its value goes far beyond the properties of warmth and renewal, or burning your stinky ex-boyfriend’s equally stinky old sleeping bag, and extends to a fundamental recipe for quality of life, art, and relationships. If I’ve had one ambition, it’s to take the fire inside and let it be my guide. I use this passion to build community, create art, design goods, and tell stories, all with the intention of igniting others.

On this path I have misstepped and fallen more times than I care to count and the chances of it happening again are far greater than I care to admit. My hope is that the flame will burn brighter with a dash more wisdom, kindness, compassion, patience, and good people (although not actually burning the people).

Here’s to more surrounding myself with the good people: Fellow igniters, builders, explorers, and seekers.

Where do we begin? What should we build today?







I’m Sarai. Designer, storyteller, firestarter. I'm a creative thinker with a keen eye for detail. Give me a room for improvement and I’ll make it my home. Bonus if that room is a dusty dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

I’m best known for my work as artist and advocate: drawer of naked folks, designer of wearable goods, Co-Founder of the global movement CycloFemme.

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